Ultimate Hashtag Guides


Need hashtags for your business that reach more people? I’ve got you sorted.

Never research another hashtag for Instagram again.

Save hours of your valuable time and just choose, copy and paste your way to hashtag heaven!

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You could spend hours researching and compiling your hashtags, or you can spend $20 and focus that time on something far more beneficial.

What this guide contains:

✔Over 500 hashtags researched and relevant for your business

✔Hashtags grouped into subject segments AND popularity (eg. how many times each has been used on Instagram)

✔Hashtag categories included for beauty and skincare guide:

  • Beauty
  • Skin care
  • Capital city locations (general and beauty related)
  • General women in business
  • Australian mums

✔Hashtag categories included for fashion & accessories guide:

  • Fashion and accessories
  • Seasonal hashtags
  • Capital city locations
  • General women in business
  • Australian mums

✔Hashtag categories included for pregnancy, baby & kids guide:

  • Pregnancy
  • Baby
  • Kids fashion
  • Other kids things
  • Australian mums (general)
  • Capital city locations

✔An introduction that not only tells you how to use the guide but also educates you as to why hashtags are so important

You will not have to research or come up with another hashtag list on your own again with this guide. All you need to do is choose, copy and paste to create hashtag lists that WILL increase your exposure on Instagram.